Our Story

We have been caring for the elderly and frail for over 30 years. We have cared for many precious people, all uniquely individual in their needs. It is a privilege to serve our community in this way.

We believe in the importance of valued roles and relationships with a firm belief in the fact that we all need a place to belong, people who love and care about us and meaningful roles in our life. We are therefore devoted to providing the most professional, reliable and friendly caregivers in the industry. We treat each resident as part of the family.

We have therefore over the years become a unique, credible and trusted destination for the elderly looking for a peaceful home with love. We continue to build on this reputation by constantly enhancing our quality of service and empowering our staff.


1. Do you allow pets?

We do not allow pets, we do have an aviary with a variety of birds.

2. What kind of support and assistance do you offer?

We have a team of professional nurses and care givers subscribe to the highest nursing standards and excellence in providing personalized care approach and 24-hour attention to security.

3. What facilities do your apartment have?

All rooms have a wash basin and cupboards, some have a built-in shower and toilet available.


Our wonderful facilities and staff.


36 Ocean Drive
North Anerley


Email: ahaven@telkomsa.net
Phone: +27(039) 681 2261
Fax: +27(039) 681 2261